Guidelines for Editing + Creating Wiki Pages

Before you begin adding content to this site, please watch the following videos:
  1. Opioid Strategy Map - This video gives a general of the zoomable strategy map which displays the many elements to be addressed when combatting the opioid crisis
  2. Opioid Crisis Wiki Site Overview - This video describes the current status of the opioid crisis strategy map wiki site. Please watch before you begin to contribute to the wiki.
  3. Adding Appropriate Content to the Wiki - This video describes some relevant sources and options for volunteers to research and add to the wiki. It also shows how to add content to the wiki.

Adding Content to the Wiki

Tips & Tricks

please download as guide to adding appropriate content

1. Do constructive research to add useful content
Please be critical when selecting sources and information to add to this wiki. Don't just add anything that discusses the same general content, but think about how useful the information would be to a practitioner in the field. This is a comprehensive, encyclopedic reference that will enable a variety of stakeholders in multiple contexts to access the same information. The strategy map page acts as an umbrella table of contents to organize this material. Try to identify promising best practices and ways that states and local initiatives have tried to handle similar problems. Document the barriers they have faced and any success stories as potential programs that could be replicated in other future contexts. Updated December 22, 2016

2. Model formatting after Wikipedia
Because is the most familiar platform that exists, we model the formatting of all entries in this Wiki after its formatting style. Pull out key concepts and useful information from content sources and summarize or quote them in the body of the Wiki. Organize similar content entries by placing them together. Add a reference at the end of each paragraph, citation, or quote entry that corresponds to a linked source list at the bottom of the page.

3. Adding links using the Link Tool
  1. Click the Edit button at the top right of the screen.
  2. Click the Insert Link button in the top menu bar.
  3. Select Web Address
  4. Write desired text
  5. Always click the New Window Button
  6. Copy source URL into Address field
  7. Click Add Link
  8. Click Save in top right corner.
  9. Double-check that your link is correct by clicking on it.

4. Adding Footnote References using the Widget Tool
  1. Edit your page.
  2. Place the cursor where you would like the citation to appear, usually at the end of a sentence or just after a quote or technical term.
  3. Click the Widget button in the editor toolbar.
  4. From the Wikispaces menu, select Reference.
  5. Click Embed Reference Marker.
  6. In the new box that has appeared at the bottom of your page, write the citation information or insert URL link. You can use the buttons in the toolbar to format the text.
  7. Scroll back up to continue editing the page.

4. Tips
Sometimes a web site link could be very long which would cause formatting problems. One solution is to convert the long web site link to a shortened format by using publicly available tools such as the Google URL Shortener

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